Material specifications and data tests sheets for all compounds are available upon request. PPAP documentation is available and pricing will be included with quotations when requested, pricing structure is as follows: 

PPAP Level 2 - no charge and includes PSW, dimensional report and material data sheet. 

PPAP Level 3 - $250.00 one-time engineering charge.

PPAP Level 4- charge is TBD, depending on customer requirements. 

We can engineering drawings based on your sample provided. Engineering fees for reverse engineering a print from a sample are:

RUSH (1-3 days) @ $40.00/hr

Standard (1-2 weeks) @ $30.00/hr

We will require approval of all prints we generate prior to beginning tooling. 


CA Prop 65 Statement

       In the vast majority of cases, the likeliness of AJRWeb, Inc products containing substances included on the California Proposition 65 list is very low. Our Rotary Shaft Seals have been tested and do NOT contain lead and phthalates. Because not all product and compounds have been been tested for every substance on the CA list, all of our products will be shipped with with a CA Prop 65 warning label, including oil seals. If you require specific information on any AJRWeb compound, please contact us with any questions or concerns. 



RoHS and REACH certification, NSF 61 and FDA certification is available for specific compounds upon request.

All product is supplied with a traceable batch and cure.